Mohammad A. Yazdani, Ph.D.


University of West Georgia, USA




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Firooz Khosraviyani , Ph.D.


Texas A&M International University , USA

Volume 2, Number 1, February 2007







An Algebraic Characterization of ER-Reduced Dependence Alphabets


Fuming Wu, Ph.D., Texas A&M International University, USA




Dispersion Relation and Wave Loads on a Vertical Cylinder in Water due to First Order Diffraction


Dambaru D. Bhatta, Ph.D.,  The University of Texas - Pan American, USA




Enhancing the Massey-Omura Cryptosystem  


Richard Winton, Ph.D., Tarleton State University, USA




Visual Fraction-Addition Teaching Method


Jorge Garcia, Ph.D, California State University-Channel Islands, USA




Correlation between Students' level of Understanding Geometry According to the van Hieles' Model and Students' Achievement in Plane Geometry


Mohammad A. Yazdani, Ph.D., University of West Georgia, USA 




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