Mohammad A. Yazdani, Ph.D.


University of West Georgia, USA




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Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, USA


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Xavier University of Louisiana, USA


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Firooz Khosraviyani , Ph.D.


Texas A&M International University , USA

Volume 3, Number 1, February 2008







Cancellation and Zero Divisors in Rings


Richard Winton, Ph.D.,  Tarleton State University, USA




Predicting the Winner in One Day International Cricket


Ananda Bandulasiri, Ph.D., Sam Houston State University, USA




Proving Routh’s Theorem Using a Different Approach


Muhammad Mushtaq, University of Engineering & technology, Pakistan
Nawazish Shah, Ph.D, University of Engineering & technology, Pakistan 

Ghulam Muhammad, University of Engineering & technology, Pakistan




Measuring the Effectiveness of Revised Writing in Mathematics Classes


Lewis L. Lasser, Ph.D., York College/CUNY, New York, USA




On Writing in Mathematics Courses: Closing the Circuit of Understanding Mathematics by the Written Word


Firooz Khosraviyani, Ph.D., Texas A&M International University, Texas, USA
James J. McCarry, Laredo Community College, Texas, USA

Terutake Abe, Ph.D., Texas A&M International University, Texas, USA




Relationships between Pre-service Elementary Teachers' Mathematics Anxiety and Content Knowledge for Teaching


Jim Gleason, Ph.D, The University of Alabama, Alabama, USA




The Effect of Implementing a Content-Methods Calculus I Course Into a University Science and Mathematics Secondary Teacher Preparation Program


Mark Daniels, Ph.D., University of Texas, Texas, USA



The Gagne-van Hieles Connection: A Comparative Analysis of Two Theoretical Learning Frameworks


Mohammad A. Yazdani, Ph.D., University of West Georgia, USA


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