Mohammad A. Yazdani, Ph.D.


University of West Georgia, USA




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Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, USA


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  Volume 2, Number 2, September 2007







A New Constructive Proof of Grahamís Theorem and More Vew Classes offunctionally Complete Functions


Anzhou Young, Ph.D., Beijing University of Technology, China

Zhu-qi Lu, Ph.D., University of Maine at Presque Isle, USA




Complementary Subcontinua


Richard Winton, Ph.D., Tarleton State University, USA




Permutation Tests for More Than Two Samples


Ferry Butar Butar, Ph.D, Sam Houston State University, USA




A Brief Historical Antecedents to the Evolution of Geometry Education


Mohammad A. Yazdani, Ph.D., University of West Georgia, USA




Effects of Implementing Projects in an Elementary Statistics Class


Gregory Knofczynski, Ph.D., Armstrong Atlantic State University, USA

Paul Hadavas, Ph.D., Armstrong Atlantic State University, USA

Lorrie Hoffman, Ph.D, Armstrong Atlantic State University, USA 




The Mathematical Preparation of Secondary Teachers: A Call for Research


Cindy S. Henning, Ph.D, Columbus State University, USA


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